Tour of Pisa and Lucca

A very nice day trip, discover Pisa and Lucca with us. The Leaning tower in Pisa is one of the most famous italian monument, it is located in a lovely green square called Piazza dei Miracoli "Square of Miracles " , it is in fact the beautiful Cathedral Square, were you can visit the Cathedral, the Baptistery so simple to be compared to a minimalist construction and the super famous Leaning tower, if you like to try a special experience, book your reservation for climbing the tower. We can drive throughout the main part of the city, long Arno river, Piazza dei Cavalieri with the old building that housed one of the oldest University in the world, where the famous Galileo have taught physics. Lucca is a very fascinating town, with a lovely historic center with many churches and squares, everything surrounded by the original walls, built in 144 years. In the center of Lucca you can walk everywhere, the very best for a relaxing and enjoyable time is a walk along the Fillungo Street with many fine shops, you can visit the Church of San Michele in Foro built where there was the Forum during the Roman Age, in Lucca there is a very special memory of that ancient time, Piazza Anfiteatro that is the arena of the Roman Colosseum, don't miss the Duomo and especially a bike tour ride on the city walls (4 km) with many stops to see the beauty of Lucca, a funny experience for all the generations, especially for teenagers.

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Tour of Pisa and Lucca

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